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About This Module

Prior to Common Core Algebra 1, students studied quantitative measures of center (mean and median) and variability in data (mean absolute deviation). Students analyzed data distributions to describe patterns and deviations from patterns in the data. This background knowledge can be referenced in Common Core Standards 6.SP.A.3, 6.SP.B.5, and 7.SP.B.4. Note that the study of statistics in Common Core Mathematics Grade 8 does not include learning about measures of center and variability. Thus, it may be necessary to refresh student knowledge of these concepts using the beginning activities of this module.

In Common Core Algebra 1, the students study ways to measure and describe center (mean and median) and spread (interquartile range and standard deviation) of sets of data. They use these measures to compare and interpret data sets. They use the mean and standard deviation to explore data sets within contextual settings, and account for the effects of outliers. They explore the 68-95-99.5 Rule and margin of error on an introductory level. The work the students do in Common Core Algebra 1 with mean and standard deviation sets the stage for the learning the students will do in Common Core Algebra 2 with respect to statistics.

The new learning for students will begin with standard deviation and understanding the difference between mean absolute deviation and standard deviation. This is critical for students who plan on advancing into higher level statistics courses. Many of the calculations in this module will be done using the graphing calculator. Where appropriate, the steps to utilize the calculator will appear in the Student Lessons of the module as well as in the Teacher Resources and Student Resources.

This module applies the concepts of mean and standard deviation to historical references. There are multiple science and technology applications for these topics that are easily accessible through Internet and text resources. The historical applications provide a new connection for the students that may prove motivating, and enlighten students to the fact that mathematics can be found anywhere!

For lesson objectives, Common Core Standards, Standards for Mathematical Practices, instructional notes and differentiation ideas, visit the Lesson Resources section in the Teacher Resources.