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About This Module

In the first lesson, the students will find and interpret probabilities. They will explore conditional probabilities, and use the conditional probability to determine if two events are independent. The students will work with two-way tables as they analyze conditional probabilities and possible outcomes. By the end of this module, the students will use their knowledge of probability to maximize the probability of desired outcomes.

The students have developed a solid background in probability and statistics from their work in Common Core Grade 7 Mathematics. In Grade 7, the students found probabilities of compound events using lists, tables, tree diagrams and simulations. They worked with sample spaces and probability outcomes for compound events. The lessons in this module also assume the students have worked with Common Core Standard S.CP.1, in which the students worked with sample spaces from sets of outcomes. This included working with unions, intersections and complements of events (“or”, “and”, “not”). If the students need more experience with this Standard S.CP.1, have the students complete the lessons found in Module 5: Probabilities of Compound Events.

For lesson objectives, Common Core Standards, Standards for Mathematical Practices, instructional notes and differentiation ideas, visit the Lesson Resources section in the Teacher Resources.