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Just How Normal Are You?

Resources for this lesson:

You will use your Algebra II Journal opens in new window on this page.

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Andrew and Khalid reflect on their mathematics and history connections. They have taken a look at the distributions of the presidents’ ages, heights and time of service. The boys consider what other mathematical facts they can apply to presidents.

As they reflect, Khalid finds two number cubes on the teacher’s desk. He and Andrew roll the number cubes.

Real-Life Scenarios

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Algebra II Journal: Reflection 2

Conduct several trials of rolling the number cubes below. Make note of the sums of the pips (Cube A + Cube B) for each trial in your Algebra II Journal opens in new window.

Below are two number cubes. Click the Roll button, and observe the pips that are displayed. Find the sum of the pips. Repeat this experiment several times. Make note of the sums of the pips for each trial.

Check Your Understanding



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