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Fan Appreciation Night, Part 2

winning tickets, tshirt, and hat prizes

Winning tickets to an upcoming game is only one of the prizes fans can win on Fan Appreciation Night.  Fans who attend the minor league baseball game on Fan Appreciation Night also have a chance of winning a t-shirt or a hat.  To determine which fans will win a t-shirt, the labels assigned to each seating section of the stadium are written on pieces of paper and the pieces of paper are placed in a box.  During the 7th inning stretch, the owner draws one of the pieces of paper from the box.  All fans seated in the selected section win a t-shirt. 

The owner uses a different method to determine which fans will win a hat.  The owner spins a spinner that displays 12 equal sectors labeled with the months of the year. Fans whose birthday falls in the month that the pointer of the spinner lands on win a hat.

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