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Fan Appreciation Night, Part 3

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Key Terms

Two-way tables

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In the last lesson, you learned how to calculate probabilities for mutually exclusive and mutually inclusive events.  Now, you will apply your understanding of probability to analyze and calculate probabilities based on two-way tables.

Let’s revisit the fan appreciation night from the last two lessons:

justyce, allyson, and marissa at a baseball game

Allyson has invited her friends to a minor league baseball game.  Andrew, Justyce, Khalid and his cousin Marissa are able to go to the game.  The friends have learned that this Friday is Fan Appreciation Night.  This month for Fan Appreciation Night, fans can win free tickets to an upcoming game.

When each fan enters the ballpark, he/she will be given a raffle ticket.  Each fan is to write their name and seat number on the stub of the raffle ticket and place the stub in a large container.  The owners plan to determine the winners of the free baseball tickets by drawing 100 raffle ticket stubs from the large container.  The names and the seat numbers of the winning fans will be displayed on the jumbotron screen.  Five thousand fans are in attendance.

During the 7th inning stretch, the names and the seat numbers of the winning fans are displayed on the jumbotron screen. A summary of where the winning fans are seated is shown below.

Seating Sections

Number of Ticket Winners

Number of People Who Did Not Win


100-Level Seats




200-Level Seats




General Admission












This graphic shows the seating chart for the baseball stadium.  The graphic includes the field, Sections 101-120, sections 201-208, general admission, sections 209-214, and three skybox sections 301-303.

This graphic shows a color-coded key for the seating chart.  The 100-level seats (sections 101-120) are coded orange.  The 200-level seats (sections 201-208) are coded blue.  The general admission seats (sections 209-214) are coded purple.  The skybox seats (sections 301-303) are coded yellow.

justyceJustyce: Wow, looks like there were more people in the 100-level seats who won.

marissaMarissa: Yeah, but they also had the most people. I don’t think they had a greater chance of winning.

Let’s see if Marissa is right.

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Check Your Understanding

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