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Residual: The difference between the actual, observed value and a value predicted by the regression equation.

Correlation Coefficient:  A value between -1 and +1 calculated to represent the linear dependence of two variables in a data set.  The closer the value is to -1 or +1, the stronger the relationship.  For the purposes of this course, the correlation coefficient should only be used when a linear regression has been applied.

Sinusoid/sine wave:  A graph that is composed of smooth repetitive waves or curves.

Periodic:  Having or marked by repeated cycles.

Iteration:  The act of repeating a process.  For sinusoidal data, the graphing calculator makes an initial guess for the period, and then will refine that guess for as many iterations that you set.  The graphing calculator typically defaults to three iterations.

End Behavior: A description of the behavior of the graph of a function on the far left or the far right.