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A Good Enough Fit?

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Create and Analyze

In order to make an accurate prediction, Andrew must first create and analyze a scatter plot.  To do so, Andrew first created a table of values and let 2007 = year 0.

Years since 2007

Winning time (minutes)













He then created the following scatter plot.

This graph is a scatter plot displaying the winning times (in minutes) for the Boys 2A Cross Country state championship for years 2007 to 2012.  The horizontal axis is labeled 'Years since 2007' and extends from negative 1 to 7.  The vertical axis is labeled 'Winning times (in minutes)' and extends from negative 2 to 22.  The graph displays the following ordered pairs:  (0, 16.33), (1, 16.77), (2, 17.5), (3, 16.77), (4, 16.35), and (5, 16.42).

Andrew thinks that the data may be modeled with a linear function.

Check Your Understanding

Check Your Understanding

Check Your Understanding

Algebra II Journal: Reflection 1

Now that you have found an equation for line of best fit and made a prediction for the 2014 winning time, it is time to assess the estimated value.  Respond to this reflection question in your Algebra II Journal opens in new window and submit your reflection to your teacher.

How accurate is the estimated winning time for 2014?  Why?


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