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Module Overview

allyson and marissa at a table

This module has been made available to you over the Internet. Have you ever stopped to think about how many students have access to this module via the Internet? Where might these students live? Perhaps they live in Maryland, or in another part of the United States, or even in another part of the world! The Internet has a wonderful way of making such a large world a small world (after all).

The state of Maryland has been nicknamed “America in Miniature” because this state contains many of the features you would find across the United States. In its 10,460 square miles of land and water, Maryland has mountains, plains, plateaus, bay, rivers, waterfalls, forests, farms, cities, etc. Maryland is a small world (after all)!

Being an “America in Miniature,” Maryland not only shares the splendors of America; it also shares in its troubles. Maryland has had earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes, blizzards, wildfires, etc. The state of Maryland is indeed like a small world (after all).           

In this module, you will study different weather events. You will collect samples that represent certain populations, and make inferences from the data you collect.