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Fan Appreciation Night, Part 1

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Experimental probability

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khalidLet’s go back to Khalid’s situation: What is the probability that he would answer all 8 history questions correctly? There are two ways to investigate this probability.  One way is to create a simulation to calculate the experimental probability of answering each of the questions correctly.

Create and Analyze

There are a number of ways to design and run a simulation.  First, select a model that can represent answering 80% of the questions correctly, such as:

A Spinner

Spinner divided into five equal sections; 4 sections are labeled Correct Answer and one section is labeled Incorrect answer.

  • Includes 5 equal sections, 4 of which represent correct answers.
  • Spin 8 times with each spin representing answering one of the 8 history questions asked during the It’s Academic Tournament.
  • The results of the 8 spins would make up one trial for this simulation.    
  • Run at least 10 trials.

Random Integer Generator

  • Use random digits 1 - 5.
  • 1 - 4 represent correct answers.
  • Generate 8 digits for each trial. Each digit represents answering one of the 8 History questions in a typical It's Academic Tournament.
  • Run at least 10 trials.



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