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Fan Appreciation Night, Part 1

justyce, allyson, and marissa at a baseball game

Let’s apply our understanding of compound events to another situation.  Allyson has invited her friends to a minor league baseball game.  Andrew, Justyce, Khalid and his cousin Marissa are able to go to the game.  The friends have learned that this Friday is Fan Appreciation Night.  This month for Fan Appreciation Night, fans could win free tickets to an upcoming game.

When each fan enters the ballpark, he/she receives a raffle ticket. Fans write their name on their raffle ticket stub and place their raffle stub in a large container. To determine the names of the fans who win free tickets, the owners draw 100 raffle ticket stubs from the container. The names on the 100 ticket stubs drawn are displayed on the jumbotron screen.  If 5,000 people drop their raffle ticket stub into the container, what are the chances that the first two raffle ticket stubs selected from the container belong to either Allyson, Andrew, Justyce, Khalid or Marissa?

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