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Prize Winner, Part 1

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Suddenly, Marissa makes a keen observation about the formula.

Real-Life Scenarios

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The group designs a balloon popping game. Allyson arranges pink, blue, green and red balloons on a board in a rectangular array as shown below.  To play the game a person throws darts at the board until he/she pops two balloons.  To win a prize, a person must pop a pink balloon first and either a red, a blue or a green balloon second.

This is a picture of the balloon game. There are five columns of balloons, and four rows of balloons. There are twelve pink balloons, four green balloons, three blue balloons, and one red balloon.

After looking at the number of different color balloons that Allyson has on the board, Khalid decides to award prizes as follows:

Win a Large Prize:  Pop a RED balloon, given that you pop a pink balloon.
WIN a Medium Prize: Pop a BLUE balloon, given that you pop a pink balloon. 
WIN a Small Prize: Pop a GREEN balloon, given that you pop a pink balloon.

An important part of the condition in these rules is that a gamer must pop a pink balloon first to be eligible for a prize. Also, once a balloon is popped, it is not replaced.

Check Your Understanding

Check Your Understanding


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