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Which Model Models Best?

Resources for this lesson:

You will use your Algebra II Journal opens in new window on this page.

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journal icon Algebra II Journal: Reflection 1

Respond to the following reflection questions in your Algebra II Journal opens in new window and submit to your teacher.

Visit the National Center for Education Statistics opens in new window to view the average costs of college tuition.  Select a college category (all institutions, 4-year, 2-year, public, private) and use the right columns (current value of dollar) to identify data for your scatter plot.

Create a scatter plot and determine which function type may be the best fit for the data set.  Calculate and review the residual plot to determine if the model is the best fit.  If you selected a linear model, analyze the correlation coefficient.  Justify why the model you selected is the best fit for the data.

Use your model of best fit to predict the average cost of tuition in the year 2017.





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