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Simply Surveying

Resources for this lesson:

You will use your Algebra II Journal opens in new window on this page.

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Here are some statistical surveys you can conduct right in your own school!

  1. Would you be in favor of a class period devoted to studying and completing homework?
  2. Which is more preferred: Eating dinner in a restaurant or eating a home-cooked meal?
  3. What is the average height of high school students?
  4. Which Internet search engine is most used?

Algebra II Journal: Reflection 2

Respond to the following reflection questions in your Algebra II Journal opens in new window and submit to your teacher.

  • Choose a survey to complete. You may choose one of the surveys above, or design one of your own.
  • Determine the population you are surveying.
  • State your hypothesis.
  • Design the survey you will distribute in order to obtain a simple random sample.
  • Identify who will be in your sample.
  • Be sure the survey will produce the intended sample you need for your intended population.
  • Determine how you will conduct your survey. Be sure your method will produce a simple random sample!



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