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Which Model Makes Sense?

Resources for this lesson:

You will use your Algebra II Journal opens in new window on this page.

> Glossary opens in new window
> Calculator Resources opens in new window
> Teacher Resources: Instructional Notes opens in new window

In this lesson, you will apply what you have learned to find a model of best fit for data sets.  You will justify your model using residuals and/or the correlation coefficient (if a linear model).

Before you explore the first set of data, reflect on your understanding of the following functions:

  • Linear Functions
  • Quadratic Functions
  • Exponential Functions

Algebra II Journal: Reflection 1

Respond to the following in your Algebra II Journal opens in new window.  Submit your response to your teacher before moving to the next page.

  • What are the key features of each function type? 
  • What are some situations that are typically modeled by each function family?


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