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Exploring Other Function Models

kahlid working on a calculatorKhalid graphs the cubic model on the scatter plot.  He sees that the model appears to pass through most of the points.  This fit appears to be significantly better than the quadratic model. To make sure this is in fact the best fit, he needs to examine the residuals.


This graph is a scatter plot displaying the price (in dollars) per 1000 cubic feet of natural gasoline over a six month period.  The graph is titled ‘Natural Gasoline Prices.’  The horizontal axis is labeled ‘Month and extends from negative 2 to 10.  The vertical axis is labeled ‘Price (in dollars) per 1000 cubic feet’ and extends from negative 2 to 18.  The graph displays the following ordered pairs:  (0, 16.09), (1, 14.40), (2, 12.26), (3, 10.29), (4, 9.13), (5, 9.41), and (6, 11.78).  The curve defined by function g of x = 0.106 x cubed minus 0.547 s squared minus 1.244x + 16.089 is drawn through the scatter plot.

Create and analyze the residual plot using your graphing calculator.

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