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Exploring Other Function Models

Test and Confirm

Function Families
Cubic Function
Quartic Function
Power Function
Logarithmic Function
Logistic Function
Trigonometric Function

For each of the function families above, the graphing calculator will calculate a regression equation.  To access these regression equations, press calculator STAT button right arrow button imageon your graphing calculator.  You will see this screen:

This image displays a calculator screen under the Stat Calc command on the calculator. The screen shows Option 1: One variable statistics, Option 2: two variables statistics, Option 3:  the median-median line, Option 4: linear regression of a x plus b, Option 5: quadratic regression, Option 6: cubic regression, and Option 7:  quartic regression.

The numbers or letters in the list correspond to the following regression equations:

4:  Linear Regression
5:  Quadratic Regression
6:  Cubic Regression
7:  Quartic Regression
9:  Logarithmic Regression
0:  Exponential Regression
A: Power Regression
B:  Logistic Regression
C:  Sinusoidal Regression (Trigonometric Function)

Khalid decides to try the cubic function model.   

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